ISO 31000

ISO 31000 - Foundations course & certification

What is this course about and who is it for?

This course is destined for you as a decisionmaker, team leader or person, dealing with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that can affect your ambitions and goals.

Leading and managing teams to be successful, performing well and staying safe, in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous(VUCA) world, requires a dedicated attention regarding the effects of uncertainty on objectives. Hence, it requires a dedicated attention to risk.

It is our conviction that the best practices to do so are to be found in the international ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidance Standard.

Therefore, this course provides insights that will lead you towards a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of risk (the effects of uncertainty on objectives) and a broad knowledge and understanding of ISO 31000 and its components.

These components are:

  • A standardised vocabulary to communicate about the effects of uncertainty on objectives
  • A set of management principles that provide a dedicated mindset to deal with a VUCA world
  • A framework on how to organise and implement the best practices for decision making in your team or organisation
  • A process to be used on a daily basis when taking decisions

During the course, controls and concepts are proposed on how to use the concepts and components of the ISO 31000 standard in your team/organisation.

As a result, when implementing these actions, this will lead towards better decisions, increased safety and the pursuit of excellence by the team or organisation involved.

At the same time,this course prepares you, as an individual, for a certification exam which gives proof of your fundamental knowledge and understanding of the ISO 31000 standard.

Practical information

The ISO 31000 – Interactive – Live – Online– Individual Certification Training can be followed at your convenience. It means that the course will bescheduled in mutual agreement, even when this is for 1 (one) individual only.

The course is delivered Online in 2 (Two) Consecutive Days via Microsoft Teams. It will normally be scheduled between 09.00h – 17.00h. However, this schedule can be altered after consultation and mutual consent to do so.

The course counts for 18 CPE credits. (Attestation in pdf provided)

The certification exam is an online multiple choice, closed book (webcam monitoring), exam of 80 questions, to be completed at a moment of your convenience. However, once started it needs to be completed in one hour. A successful outcome requires 75% correct answers and involves a good level of knowledge and a fundamental understanding of the ISO 31000 standard. The exam is optional.

When completed successfully, one earns the GNIC® CRMF® certification, giving the title:

“Professional Certified in Risk Management in accordance with ISO 31000 - Foundations Level”

Individuals that have followed this course and have obtained the GNIC CRMF certificate come from a wide range of important international organisations of different sizes and all sectors.

For example: Nationale Bank van België, Nationale Postcode Loterij, Stad Amsterdam, SWIFT, PWC Belgium, Argenta, NBN, KPMG Belgium, etc..

Take-away for the online courses:

  • We conduct your 2 day training at a moment of your choice.
  • You can carry out the online certification exam at your discretion.

The same course can also be followed in a residential setting. Consult our brochure for more details.

Why should you register for this course?

The long-term success of organisations is not a mystery. It depends on many factors, ranging from continually reviewing and improving one’s offering to optimizing one’s processes. Also, organisations (ever more) need to cope with unexpected events.That’s why ISO has developed ISO 31000.

In addition to addressing operational continuity, ISO 31000 provides a level of guarantee in terms of economic resilience, professional reputation and environmental sound and safe results. In a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, ISO 31000 is tailor-made for any organization seeking clear guidance on how to manage objectives in such conditions and take the better decisions.

As such, ISO 31000 helps to increase the likelihood of achieving objectives, improves the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and assists to effectively and efficiently allocate and use resources.

Although ISO 31000 is not meant for certification purposes (of organisations), it does provide excellent guidance for managing organizations. As such, organisations can compare their management practices with this internationally recognized benchmark, which provides sound principles for effective management and corporate governance.”

Registration - Overview

  • Online course registration - Fee (all included)*
    • Special fee till 30 April 2023 : 1815,00 € (1.500,00 € Excl. VAT)
    • Regular fee : 2117,50 € (1.750,00 € Excl. VAT)

When 1 or more participants are joining you for this training, you receive 500 € (Excl. VAT) discount for you and everyone joining you.

  • Residential course registration - Antwerp June 2023 - Fee (all included)
    • Early Bird fee till 30 April 2023 : 2.299,00 € (1900,00 Excl. VAT)
    • Regular fee: 2904,00 € (2.400,00 € Excl. VAT)

When 1 or more participants are joining you for this training, you receive 500 € (Excl. VAT) discount for you and everyone joining you.

  • Online GNIC CRMF exam registration - Fee (all included) 363,00 € (300,00 € Excl. VAT)
  • Online GNIC CRMF re-certification - Fee (all included) 302,50 € (250,00 € Excl. VAT)

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