Learning organisation 3.0

What is it about?

The keys to become a learning organisation 3.0 will be offered to you in a series of 3 insightful and interactive workshops, in which you will be taken on a voyage of discovery to those keys. In a creative and accessible way, you will discover why we, as a society, organisation, team or individual have to adapt our thinking, what you can do to achieve this within your organisation or team and how you can finally obtain the keys to your dreams. In essence it is a combination of "Systems Thinking", "Leadership" and "Risk Management". But not in the way these concepts are generally understood!

When you participate, you will also receive a book with these three keys:

"Safety & Performance - TR³M a Novel Approach to Achieve Safety and Performance Proactively in Any Organization"".

You will also receive an intriguing accompanying attribute, an instrument with which you can put the knowledge and insights you have acquired into practice.


This journey of discovery consists of three interactive sessions of 2 hours each, each preceded and followed by an opportunity to network and discuss the insights gained.

Content of the sessions

Session 1

  • Why should you make your organisation/team a learning team? What are the benefits?

Session 2

  • What is needed to turn your organisation/team into a learning team? Which steps are needed?

Session 3

  • How can you turn your organisation/team into a learning team? How do you get started?

Module 1

Mental models are the building blocks of socio-technical systems, such as teams, corporations or other sorts of organisations. They determine how people look at the world and how they see events, issues, relationships, ....

The ability to be aware of mental models and know why and how to change them is a first key in becoming a learning organisation.

Module 2

When things change all the time, it is difficult to maintain a steady course. However, to obtain good results it is necessary to stay on track. Hence, a second key in becoming a learning organisation and be able to ride the waves of change, is to master the leadership process and be able to generate the mental models and objectives that are necessary to cope with the VUCA- world we live in.

Module 3

ISO 31000 is the international standard regarding risk management. We at BYAZ are convinced that all management is, in essence, risk management. We profoundly believe ISO 31000 offers a fundamental set of mental models and processes to improve management and achieve sustainable safety & performance in any organisation, regardless of its size or sector.

Each module of this series brings you closer to your dreams!