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ISO 31000 - Systems Thinking - Leadership - Team Alignment

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The BYAZ offer consists of various, related topics, all of which are aimed at improving the safety and performance of individuals, teams and organizations.

For example, a first part consists of various education and training possibilities (for individuals or group) in the field of Systems Thinking, Leadership and ISO 31000, focused on insight into situations, communication, decision making, executing a strategy and achieving continuous improvement.

A second part consists of various team coaching formulas, aimed at aligning teams with specific team objectives or intended for tackling specific team challenges.

A third part consists of assistance and follow-up of organizations that want to further develop into a sustainable excellent organization with the knowledge and experience gained during the trainings and coachings.

ISO 31000

ISO 31000 is a "best practice" in managing "the effect of uncertainty on objectives".

Therefore, it is a management "best practice". This standard is a document of less than 20 pages with essential information. It contains a number of fundamental principles, a process and a framework with which this process can be implemented in organizations.

ISO 31000

ISO 31000 is an overarching management standard, with which organizations of any size or sector can learn how best to deal with uncertainty and its effect on objectives.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a scientific approach that tries to maintain an overview of the whole and work from there. The behavior of a system (for example, an organization) is not seen as a simple chain of cause-effect relationships, but as the interplay of interacting sub-systems, in which feedback loops play an important role.

Systems thinking

Systems thinking is a way of thinking that gives you insight into how people and organizations act, plan and organize. Systems are everywhere. Learning to see and influence these systems is a necessary skill for every manager and supervisor.

Team Alignment 

The concept of alignment means different things. In an organizational sense, this refers to aligning ideas and actions (of teams and individuals) in order to achieve a good understanding and relationships, which can strengthen a companies culture and generate actions that lead to better results.

Team Alignment

Putting all the wood behind one arrow is a well-known expression that, just like the expression to pull on the same sea, indicates that you, as a team, pursue the same goals and thereby use all efforts in concert and in support of each other. This way you avoid internal conflicts and that efforts are not lost.


Peter is a good trainer with a lot of attention for every individual in the group. Especially in the position as group motivator, he played a performance role for our organization Open Company Day.

Yves Lejaeghere

Peter facilitated us in bringing divergent vision - mission - ambition ideas to the surface and formulating them clearly. He understands the art of leading a team into alignment and making it put down a great result that sets a beacon for the years to come.

Erik Lauwers

Peter is an expert in applying system thinking in any challenging situation ; as well in business contexts as in - generally speaking - social contexts. He has a sixth sense to identify the parameters, their relations and the leverages playing in complex systems, like organizations (but other systems too).
I would really recommend Peter to enable managers and leaders to understand - even faster and even more accurately - the real causes of systemic issues, and how to find sustainable solutions to these.

Jean Vercruysse

Planned Events

25-26 May 2023

Risk-!n Conference



Peter Blokland will be a speaker at the 5th Risk-!n conference on the 26th of May 2023. The conference will take place in Zurich, Switzerland. He will give his point of view on the term "risk manager" and how this stands in the way of risk management.

Zürich Marriott Hotel

Neumühlequai 42

8006 Zürich


25 - 26 May 2023


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